Nicki Decker

Fitness Instructor

Nicki Decker

Hi, I’m Nicki, my fitness journey started in 2000 when I moved to  Mildmay. Working out has become one of my passions in life.  The feeling after a morning workout, sets me up for the day,  physically and mentally. I highly believe it’s also a great stress  reliever for your body. 

Over the years, I have taught many classes as a fill-in instructor,  and have brought great energy to my workouts, which I’ve loved  sharing with others.  

I decided to make it official, and become a Certified CanfitPro  Fitness Instructor this past year. I’m excited to journey with you,  in achieving your goals on your fitness path. You can find me in  the 6am morning classes in the Freezer.

Nicki Decker

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