Jacqui West

Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor

Jacqui West

Hi, I am Jacqui and I love coaching people to move, lift, stretch and/or workout to stay strong and vital for LIFE – I am passionate about teaching fitness to others! I have participated in sport and fitness my entire life, so after retiring from a very satisfying Phys. Ed. teaching career and years of high-level coaching, the next logical step seemed to be to teach fitness in our community.

After certifying as a Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist in 2022, I joined the Freezer Fitness team! My goal in the gym, whether with a class or an individual, is to develop comfort and confidence in moving, lifting, and working out. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the gains and improvements – whether physically (strength, balance, posture etc.), or mentally/ emotionally, in my ‘students’!!

Jacqui West Freezer Fitness Team

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