Above Zero Wellness Center

Freezer Fitness x Above Zero

Just off the entrance is The Great Room which is a rustic but relaxing atmosphere where you could go to practise yoga/mindfulness, take a workshop, listen to a guest speaker, attend a meeting or any other function that calls for a spacious area.

This room is available for rent : $75/half day & $100/full.

Above Zero

Fire & Ice Spa Room

Suggested Use – 3 min.
Cost: $16.95

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The Fire & Ice Spa Room features a 2 person Infrared Sauna, a Cold Plunge tub, shower and 2  comfy chairs to sit, relax and read a book. 

Cold Plunge Benefits:

Infrared Sauna

Multiple Session Packages Are Available.
Cost: $22.60
Suggested use: 30 – 40 min

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Benefits include increasing circulation to remove waste products, more oxygen and nutrients to the skin, promotes relaxation, pain relief and detox, reduces levels of visceral fat cells.


Cost: $34

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Red Light Therapy + Cold Plunge
Infrared Sauna + Cold Plunge

Fire & Ice Spa Room

Cost: $60

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Up to 2 people for 1 hour in the Spa Room

Above Zero Spin

Cost: $17

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This fun and motivating Spin Class is done in the dark with limited lighting and loud music.

Our classes are designed to strengthen everything about your mind, body and soul and the instructors will push you to your limit, within what you are comfortable with, each and every time.

The atmosphere will encourage you to use your bike to ride through rhythm, climbs, sprints and hills for a great cardio workout.

Sip ‘n Sit Kitchenette

A little oasis to catch your breath, grab a coffee or stow your nibbles while you are working/visiting Above Zero.


Room named after owner’s father and former owner

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IncREDible Red Light Room

This space has been designed for you to experience the incredible effects of Red Light Therapy by using the bed-like capsule for a 20 minute session to immerse in this healing light.

A selection of small, medium and large panels are on display for those who may choose to purchase for home use and experience the light on a more consistent basis.

Go to incredibleredlight.com to check out all available products on their website.


Named after C.H. BIEMAN – owner’s grandfather and  former owner

Online scheduling

Available for weekly or monthly rent. Inquire by emailing freezerfitness41@gmail.com