New Hartford Public Schools Teacher Contract

New Hartford Public Schools Teacher Contract

The New Hartford Public Schools have just inked a new contract with their teachers, after months of negotiation and discussion. The deal will see educators in the district enjoy a number of benefits, including salary increases and improved working conditions. Here`s what you need to know about this important agreement.

The new contract will cover the next three years, and will give teachers a total pay increase of 9% over that period. This includes a 3% raise in each of the first two years, and a 3.5% increase in the final year. This is in line with contracts that have been signed in other districts, and will help ensure that New Hartford can compete for top talent in the education sector.

Another key aspect of the new contract is a change in the way that teachers are evaluated. In the past, evaluations were conducted based on a set of metrics that were largely tied to standardized tests. However, the new contract will give teachers more leeway to demonstrate their effectiveness in other ways, such as through student portfolios and classroom observation.

The contract also includes provisions for improved working conditions, including a limit on the number of consecutive days that teachers can be asked to work without a break. This will help ensure that educators are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which is crucial for both their own well-being and that of their students.

Overall, the new contract represents a significant step forward for the New Hartford Public Schools and their teachers. By providing fair compensation and improved working conditions, the district is showing its commitment to providing a top-quality education to its students. And by giving teachers more flexibility in how they are evaluated, the contract will help ensure that they are able to do their best work in the classroom.



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